How to apply

The employer applies for the Medal and is responsible for the ceremony and presentation.
The Medal is sent on the 15th of a given month, and the dead-line for the application is the 15th of the previous month.
The Medal costs NOK 4280,- plus taxes.

The medal for long and fathful serviceDescription of the Medal

The Medal is cast in silver and is attached to a ribbon bearing the national colours on a green background. The diameter is 31mm. On one side of the Medal, Victoria, the roman goddess of victory presents a laurel wreath. On the other, the name of the recipient and the year of the award are engraved.A jacket pin with the same engravings also comes with the Medal, along with a diploma, all collected in an especially tailored box.

Criterion for receiving the Medal

According to the statutes, the main criterion for receiving the medal is 30 years' employment with the same employer. The company can have changed names, owners, or have merged. The position must have been at least 50%.

Wearing the Medal

When it is appropriate to wear The Medal for Long and Faithful Service:
It may be worn with a dark suit, tuxedo, or white tie and tails. Women may wear the medal with similar appropriate clothing. The pin, however, may be used with any kind of garment.

The history of the Medal

The Medal was established in 1888. The Royal Norwegian Society for Development was encouraged to reward long and faithful service in working life. The first to receive the award were employees within agriculture and domestic life. Eventually, people employed in industry, trade, crafts and public service were also included.